Betree Daisy Conditioner


Natural | Vegan | Organic | Homemade | Zero Wastes conditioner 

  • Who’s it for? This is a solid conditioner for damaged hair. Enriched in vitamins C and D, providing a intense source of nutritions and protection. It provides hydration to the hair and facilitates styling.

  • Why should you trust us? For beautiful, shiny hair, our solid conditioner gives you as many possibilities as nature offers. Thanks to formula that respect your body and our planet. Soft and rich in sensoriality, washing your hair becomes a real moment of pleasure for radiant and naturally sublime hair.

  • How to use your conditioner?

    1. For thick hair : Apply conditioner directly on your hair.

    2. For fine hair : Rub the conditioner on your hands and then rub it on your hair.

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