Mon Huilette

Mon huilette Day


Mon huilette Day is an effective anti-aging oil-serum featuring an addictive, fresh rose fragrance note on a soft, balsamic background that provides well-being right from the morning. You won't spend a day without it! 

. Protects from external aggressions
Roman Chamomile Romaine, Geranium Rosat, Myrrh, Grenade
. Softens, moistures and gives elasticity
Argan, Hemp (omega 3, 6 et 9)
. Reveals the natural glow
Carott and Bitter Almond
. Provides well-being and energy in the morning
Cistus and Geranium Rosat

Skin type: Normal skins, Mixed skins.
Dehydrated skins, slight imperfections, anti-pollution.
Results: The skin is toned and protected from external aggressions.


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