Toothpaste "Villa Noacarlina" - Cinnamon + Mint 25ML


A premium Organic toothpaste, Fluoride free and Toxin free.


Enjoy a moment of calm and feeling grounded with this fluoride free fresh and delicious fusion of Mint rounded with a subtle hint of Cinnamon.

With the well-known stress reducing benefits of Cinnamon and the inspiration of the wild beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Villa Noacarlina is a great flavor to add to your routine to help you feel grounded and calm.

Also known to curb hunger craving, this Cinnamon infused organic toothpaste is a great post-lunch solution to stop you snacking throughout the afternoon.

What's IN
Natural Flavors (Aroma) for mood enhancing
Organic Aloe Vera for natural protection of gums
Organic Green Tea for fluoride free toothpaste

What's OUT
Fluoride free
SLS free
Artificial coloring free
Triclosan free
Saccharing free
Titanium dioxide free
Sulfate free
Gluten free
Microbreads free


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