Titanium Candle 240


Chypre note, amber, fruity, powdery

Top note: peppermint, bergamot

Heart note: labdanum, suede, candied fruit

Base note: patcholi, tonka, vanilla, light tobacco

Size 240

240/5 wicks; height: 24 cm; outer diameter: 17,5 cm/400 burning hours


    Chypre notes blend beautifully with fruity elements to create this youthful fragrance. A modern scent full of originality features hints of mint, bergamot with a fond of tobacco and vanilla. Titanium is a symbol of strength and will as it’s called in honor of Greek Gods. “Titanism” represents “infinite power” in greek mythology. It’s one of the most important elements of the Future as it perfectly resists against any mechanical impact and corrosion.


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