Our Belgian entrepreneurs in store - Lily Samii " The Gratitude List"

Could you briefly describe your background?

I worked six years in fashion and I loved it every day at work. However stress levels and anxiety became bigger and bigger as within  any industry. I was looking for a tool to calm down, relax and re-align with myself on a daily  basis. I wanted to be happier, create rituals and reduce stress. I couldn’t find any tool I liked so I created my own: The Gratitude List. 

How did you come up with the idea for your company? 

I read a lot of self-development books and various research by Harvard. I realised they all in one form or another encouraged the habit of writing daily gratitude lists. The sciences that backed the powerful effects of gratitude on the brain convinced me that it was the best thing I could to change my life. I created the Gratitude List journals - a mindful tool with daily gratitude lists, colouring mandalas, vision board, note pages and quotes from around the world. The beautiful velvet cover is made with upcycled fabric otherwise wasted by the fashion industry. 


What product(s) / service(s) do you offer today? How has it evolved / will it evolve? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

What was once an idea in my bedroom has turned into a best-selling Gratitude Journal with a global community of over 40.000 fans worldwide and a prestigious international award won for “Best Notebook & Journal 2020” by the London stationery Awards (among 350 candidates!). The Gratitude List is not a notebook it’s a coach: it helps you become who you want to be and achieve your wildest goals. 


What is your greatest success / the accomplishment you are most proud of?

The profound impact and positive changes people from all walks of life have experience through the Gratitude List; whether it was to overcome burnout, to foster their relationships, to improve their sleep, to create rituals, or even just to be more positive as a person, with over 600+ positive reviews are shared on our website.


What is your Moto in life?

My motto is that “fears kill more dreams than failure ever will.” I stumbled upon that quote before I created the Gratitude List and it has motivated to take risks every day since.  I decided to go all in with my dream to make an impact for people, communities and the planet. Today I am living my dream and everyone deserves the Gratitude List to upgrade their life, boost their happiness and live a life true to themselves.