Charlotte & Victoria " Betree"

Could you briefly describe your background?

Victoria and I, Charlotte, have just finished our studies. Victoria in sustainable development (HEPN Namur) and me in business management (ICHEC Brussels). And it was during our studies, almost two years ago, that we took up the challenge of creating Betree together  ! 

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

First of all, as nature lovers, we were each buying solid cosmetics like shampoos. However, during a discussion we both realized that all the solid products we were buying were not suitable for any of us with 2 different hair's types. SO, it was time to create a brand of solid cosmetics that combines beauty, well-being and eco-responsibility  which we also call "the new generation of solid cosmetics".

What product(s) / service(s) do you offer today? How has it evolved / will it evolve? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Today we offer :

 SOLID SHAMPOOS : 4 types of shampoos according to your hair type (Anti-dandruff, grizzy hair, brittle hair, against hair loss).
- SOLID CONDITIONER : Grapefruit and mango butter conditioner that moisturizes and detangles your hair.
- SOLID SOAP : with green clay and tea tree which makes your skin soft and washes it in depth.
The two new & much awaited products in the range are :
- SOLID MAKEUP REMOVER : with geranium flower and jojoba oil that moisturizes your face.
- SOLID SCRUB : with coffee grounds and cocoa that removes dead cells and is an ally against cellulite

And many many more to come very very soon : The SOLID Shaving Bar, the prodigious hair spray, etc. 

Where do we see Betree in 5 years ? Very difficult to say since we are at the beginning of a great adventure! Our purpose is to the democratize solid and natural cosmetic by making them sexy and keeping their eco friendly nature. 

What is your greatest success / the accomplishment you are most proud of ? 


Something we are proud of  is certainly the amount of plastic bottles avoided by the purchase of Betree products for almost 2 years : 10.542! How much do you think 10.542 bottles fill up the blue PMC bin? A lot, right?

What is your motto in life ? 

Our motto in life for both of us is to create meaning on a daily basis ! This is what we do with Betree, we want to make the daily hygiene and beauty of each and everyone zero waste and natural. This, in order to take care of our lovely planet and our lovely skins.